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We are striving for exactly that. Your frustrations are shared by many of us on the ground in Haiti.

I volunteer for GrassRoots United and we have been providing Cholera prevention education in camps (representing over 11k families & counting). Currently we are training camp leaders to get the info out to their camps and communities.

We are also providing logistical support for clinics and hospitals treating the epidemic. Running med teams and moving supplies throughout the country.

The supplies are dwindling, the docs and nurses are tired, in other words, I couldn't agree more with your commentary.

What we can offer is air transport of med supplies in country, materials used for Cholera training, and anything else within our capacity.

any and all requests can be made to info@grassrootsunited.org

"light, fast, agile, ground teams" at your service,

- Chad Walsh, Operations Director for GrassRoots United, and volunteer.

what we're doing: www.grassrootsunited.blogspot.com

note: this is by no means a solicitation, just a call to connect and fight this 'war'.


Strongly agree with your perception. The biggest difference I see being made is with smaller, nimble organizations that can make decisions as conditions are changing. thanks for sharing the reality of what is going on within Haiti and the culpability of all of us who live and work there.

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