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wow this is crazy and no major news sources are even reporting on it?

Stephen Nuchia

Medical implications for the United States (of the returned visitors case) are minimal. The best citation I could find in a quick web search is a widely-quoted figure of six reported Cholera cases in the US in 1999. With first-world sanitation the biggest risk would be a restaurant worker with a "silent" case.

Let us hope the political implications remain equally benign. This could have some negative impact on the climate of support for Haiti here.

My contacts with small groups running CTCs are screaming for supplies. People are trying to arrange private airlifts, asking if there are pharmacies nearby they might be able to buy Ringer's and body bags from. Apparently the official logistic structure is ignoring them, or is close to collapse. If there is an organized helicopter resupply effort the word is not getting out to many of these clinic, and people are dying needlessly because of it.

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